Trading Signals

But let's discuss free signals for binary options from (Fusion Media). In general, these guys specialize in the analysis of financial markets, and over there the whole office dudes with mathematical education, which for a good salary, pore over these signals.
Operational signals from two sources are updated automatically presented on the page with a live chart.
Do not forget that the stocks (and therefore graphics signals) are open from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday - all the traders of the world rest and drink champagne.

Signal sources

In site are 6 basic signaling instruments:

  • technical review;
  • Technical analysis of the currency pair;
  • classical turning points;
  • Simple Moving Average;
  • Forex technical indicators;
  • graphical models.

Let's go through them.

Technical review

Table allows you to adjust not only quotes for currency pairs (forex), but also for the indices, stocks, commodities and futures. These signals look like this:

The principle of their use in binary options is very simple. The signal that we need, must be specified as:
  • strong sell (buy PUT option);
  • strong buy (buy CALL option).
Now, in the table with column select signals to the appropriate interval, and it is put in a live graph. If you select 5 minutes, then go into a trade for 30-45 minutes. If 15 minutes - one hour. If one hout - before the end of the day.
If "strong buy" or "strong sell" is indicated for all timeframes - this is the strongest signal.